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Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika

The Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika is the latest Meiki no Hinkaku release of a single layer masturbator. The sequel to the original Meiki no Hinkaku masturbator line (Meiki no Hinkaku Up and Meiki no Hinkaku Down).

Regular Price: $74.95

Now only: $55.95


Regular Price: $74.95

Now only: $55.95

25 %

Meikino Hinkaku Eiro Chika Main Zoom



As the sequel to the Meiki no Hinkaku (Up and Down) series, the Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika is also a single-layered masturbator sleeve. While just a little bit smaller than the Meiki no Hinkaku Up and Down, the amazing feeling and sensation of the Meiki no Hinkaku sleeves are still present.

The Meiki no Hinkaku's famous soft material is used on the Meiki no Hinkaku Eiro Chika. The data of the popular Japanese AV star Eiro Chika was used in creating this "Legendary Onahole". As expected, every area of the inside has detailed textures creating an amazing Eiro Chika experience.

Important Note: The smaller entrance increase the chance for a small tear to develop on the lip after initial use. This will depend on the users' size but should not affect the function of the product.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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