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Measuring Growth

  • ToysHeart Brand

  • close hole

  • single layer

  • Safe Skin material (TPE)

  • biggest and most realistic Safe Skin product to date

  • made in Japan

  • Show Full Specifications

ToysHeart is here to offer their biggest and most realistic Safe Skin sleeve for Spring 2016. It's called Measuring Growth and it's here to heat up your experience.

$ 89.95


ToysHeart is back with their biggest Safe Skin offering yet on ToyDemon for 2016. It's called Measuring Growth. For those not familiar with “Safe Skin”, it is ToysHeart's proprietary material blend that is registered with the Japanese's food safety law. Safe Skin is a high quality material that is safe, gentle, and produce a great sensation. Safe Skin has been used in many of ToysHeart's best selling series with Measuring Growth the biggest and most realistic yet.

The overall structure of Measuring Growth mimics that of the female form with realistic vaginal tunnel and cervix. At the beginning, the tunnel is wide with larger and thicker flesh-like texturing. As you enter the mid section of the tunnel, the path tighten around you with round bumps for stimulation with the tightness. Past this section for a widening in the tunnel with narrow flesh-like ribs leading to the cervix. The cervix is a tight “choke point” with a tiny uterus chamber at the end of the tunnel.

The appearance of the entrance is a camel toe vertical slit design. The outer appearance of Measuring Growth is a scaled lower half of a body design. At over 2.4 pounds and almost 6.3 inches of insert-able length, it is one of the biggest ToysHeart hand sleeve ever. Made in Japan behind years of experience and quality, Measuring Growth is another great addition on ToyDemon from ToysHeart.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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