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Mature Wife

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Just like the ToysHeart Virgin Road and the Seven Teen masturbators, the Mature Wife masturbator also has the dual-layer system. This model gives the user a softer, gentler tension without the fake onahole feel.


The Mature Wife masturbator is designed specifically for those who are after a realistic feeling of someone more experienced.

The Mature Wife is the sister product to the Virgin Road and SevenTeen masturbators, which all use a dual-layer system. The dual-layer system is made up of an outer clear soft layer giving a great feeling when you grip it while transferring just the right designed amount of pressure to the inner layer. The inner layer is made of a more realistic and softer feeling material which in gives the user a softer and gentler tension without the onahole feeling fake. The insertion point, path, and end point were all modeled to give the user a realistic sensation.

If you like the SevenTeen masturbator but want a softer and gentler feel, you have to give Mature Wife a try.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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