Meiki® Real

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  • Brand: Meiki®
  • Designed In: USA
  • Series: Meiki®
  • Added: End 2014
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More Information
Country of OriginUnited States
Dim. (L x W x H in.)6.50 x 3.50 x 3.00
# of Holes1 Hole
Hole DesignClosed Hole
Hole ConstructionSingle Layer
Lotion IncludedNo
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ToyDemon's Research and Design Team's mission has always been to improve your adult lifestyle through simple yet innovative solutions. An important part of their work is to study how an item works as well as what doesn't work on an item. The result of this knowledge led to huge successes such as the Meiki® Plush and the Meiki® Toy Bags. Now we are applying our experience to produce a masturbation sleeve worthy of the Meiki® Brand. A project and sleeve years in the making we call, the Meiki® Real.Right from the start we had the highest requirements for this project. We wanted a sleeve based on realism with a tunnel design that works well for a wide range of penis size and length. At the same time the textures should give a degree of stimulation control to the user. We feel the Meiki® Real's unique design have met these requirements. This was accomplished by separating the tunnel design into quadrants with distinct design at the top, bottom, and sides each with different functionality in mind. Click on the individual section below for the complete details.

Meiki® Real Top Let's start with the experience at the top. When you look at the top, you'll notice that we've mixed things up a little bit. Why wait until the end of the tunnel to get the stimulation of a cervix? We've placed a mini cervix structure right by the entrance for your immediate pleasure. Move beyond the mini cervix to find two stimulation node. The first node has parallel veins and grooves in between to give a mellower stimulation. The large grooves here hold lotions and reapply them as you move in and out. The second node is smaller and covered with rounded nubs for more stimulation during both in and out strokes. At the 70% or about the 4 inch mark, you will find a smaller nub covered node. This node was specifically designed with two functions in mind. For those with penis that are longer than 5-6 inches, this is last large stimulation point before the end tightening zone. However for those that are about 3.5-5 inches in length, we designed the tunnel in such a way that this node becomes your end stimulation stinger. We have heard many comments from our shorter customer complaining about not being able to reach the end stinger for many sleeve and this was designed with them in mind. Those that are longer than 6 inches are also welcomed to use this as their stinger but they can continue to go deeper into the tighter end of the tunnel and meet our second mini cervix stringer. Either of these stingers offers great head massaging possibility to your masturbation experience.
Meiki® Real Bottom Next up is the bottom of the tunnel. Too many vaginal sleeve neglect this area in their design which is a real shame since the bottom should be just as important as the up. We wanted the bottom to have its own unique design and theme. Since the top was designed to be stimulating, the bottom's theme is to be mellower, with more natural feel without the use of any stimulation nubs. As you push halfway into the tunnel, rows of ribs curve away from your penis. This curved design reapply lotion as you go in while giving more stimulation when you stoke out. Beyond this point, the textures becomes vein like as the lines spliting and combining together with its wavy path as the source for its mellow stimulation. When you mount Meiki® Real to the Meiki® Plush for doggy style or simply use the sleeve upside down, the sleeve becomes a different and brand new experience.
Meiki® Real Sides We kept the side simpler in order to tie the top and bottom together without interfering with their design. Veins line the sides from 0-60% and 90-100% point with more stimulating ribs textures from 60-90% to work with the mid-point stinger at top. You may have also notice that by having side walls, the tunnel has an open space throughout rather than a close to zero diameter. Many thicker customers with a bigger penis circumference often are disappointed with "zero diameter" sleeves' stimulation that others reviewed as stimulating. This is due to the inside textures getting stretched out and becoming basically flat to those who are thicker. We designed our sleeve to have the right amount of spacing where normal user can feel all the textures while offering stimulation to a bigger range of girth for thicker users. An added bonus of this space design is that it allows for more suction sensation without the need of adding in a vacuum chamber.

Every aspect of Meiki® Real's outer design and appearance was given careful consideration. The face of Meiki® Real is a realistic vaginal entrance. The vaginal lips themselves tapers into the tunnel for an easier, faster insertion while increasing durability. The face of the hole is also slightly angled to let you go deeper into the sleeve as well as being compatible with the Meiki® Plush. Along the body are even grooved with calculated spacing to make it easier to hold Meiki® Real one-handed during use. The body is ergonomically shaped like an oval rather than a circle. We found this shape to give you a firmer and more comfortable grip during use. The thoughtful design extends to the material of Meiki® Real also. We worked with one of the biggest sleeve manufacturers in Asia to custom design and manufacture the material for Meiki® Real. We wanted durability, stimulation, and minimal oily feel as the criteria for the material. All three criteria are met by using denser, higher-quality material. Dense means less oil and other "fillers" making a better bond in the material. This leads to a stronger "stress snap strength" in the sleeve increasing durability. A denser material also makes the interior textures more stimulating as it won't collapse as easily when pushed against your skin. A premium sleeve without the premium pricing while seamlessly working with the Meiki® Plush series of insertable doll products for the ultimate masturbation experience.

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