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Love Doll Valentina

The masturbators from Kokos has always shown their mastery of the female form. Their Hera Hip Mini from early fall was a stunning piece of sculpted pleasure. After releasing the master piece Victoria and Veronia Love Dolls, Kokos is back with their third installment called Love Doll Valentina.

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Kokos is the master sculptor of the male masturbator world with their dedication of the female form in their products. Time and time again they have shown this mastery from their Hera Hip Mini to Love Doll Victoria and Veronia. Now they are back to heat up your nights with their third addition to the Fantastic Real Doll series for ToyDemon during summer 2015 called Love Doll Valentina.

For those new to the series, Fantastic Real Doll is a scaled down size of a full bodied woman. The third installment Valentina shows a woman in the doggy style position with her back end sticking up. Words may not fully convey the beauty of this sleeve. Take a look at all the pictures above and look at them zoomed to truly see all the details Kokos has given to the sleeve. Love Doll Valentina sleeve invites you like no other scaled sleeve before it.

The vaginal entrance is a camel toed double lipped design in a dual layer construction. Open the outer lip to find the pick fleshy color inner lip. This path is packed with various angled flesh textured folds and grooves that tightens up at the end with smaller micro rib lining for stimulation.

The anal tunnel is packed with various large oval nubs with organic looking textures coming at you from different angles for a varying and stimulating experience. The anal tunnel is relatively straight compared to the more wavy vaginal path. A dual layer construction is used with the anal tunnel offering a more stimulating experience than a single layer design.

The biggest difference with Love Doll Valentina compared to the previous sleeve in the series is that the mouth also has a tunnel for your masturbation pleasure. This dual layer tunnel has multiple tightening zones and is lined with tiny rounded nubs for stimulation.

The dual layer construction mentioned means that the tunnel is lined with a more dense material compared to the outside. This means that the denser material can give more stimulation while the outer material has a soft skin like tactile feel to it giving you the best of both worlds.

All the tunnels of Love Doll Valentina are through-hole design. This means the tunnel goes all the way through the item with an outlet hole on the other end. A through-hole design make cleaning much easier since you can continually flush water through the tunnel until clean. The down side of a through-hole is that it will lack the vacuum suction of other closed-hole sleeve. For Fantastic Real Doll series, this is partially “fixed” since both tunnels end on the flat back of the sleeve. When you place Fantastic Real Doll on a flat surface to use (table, desk, etc), it will block the end tunnel helping with the suction of the sleeve. All these features combine to make Love Doll Valentina a masturbator of beauty and a welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

Additional Information

UPC 8809392181180
TD Rating 4 of 5
Designed In South Korea
Brands KOKOS
Material Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal, Anal, Oral
# of Holes Three
Construction Dual Layer
Hole Design Through Hole
Lotion Included No
Softness 7
Net Weight (in lb) 14.9
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 21 x 9 x 8
Tunnel Dimension (in.) No
Special Features No
Warranty None
Turn In Value 10% of the purchased price
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Looks Great & Feels Good Review by Magnetic
Experience: Expert (10+ products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
The Love Doll Valentina is certainly very appealing to look at and the TPR material is reasonably soft to the touch. The material is quite sticky particularly on a hot humid day, so best to rub plenty of baby powder or corn starch onto the doll before use.

I've used many toys before this one, however I found the Love Doll about the hardest to get into so far. I had to use my left hand to pull the outer lips apart then guide my member in using my right hand. Using plenty of lube is a must. Once in the doll, it felt quite good but also quite tight and probably very similar to other well known dual layer toys. Those guys who have used the 005 ZXY sleeve and liked it will probably also like the feel of this doll. During use, the doll tends to compress up quite a bit then releases on drawback. I didn't find that a problem. It still felt good to use.

If you have been thinking of buying this doll, just make sure you check out the dimensions and using a ruler mark out on a bench or table top just what you can expect the size of this doll to look like. The photos of it tend to create an illusion that it's much bigger than it really is. When using this doll, it's probably like it would be having sex with a 2 to 3 year old child! Of course a far larger and more realistic size doll will cost a lot more money.

I have used my doll only three times so far, and have had no problems with it tearing around the entrance so far. I have an average size penis.

My conclusion is, that for the price of this doll, it's well worth the money and the problems I've experienced with it were really only minor. I have no regrets about purchasing it.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Simply Amazing!!! Review by Aiur
Experience: Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
This love doll is wonderfully sculpted candy to the eyes. It is positioned perfectly for comfort the only down side I have found penetration wise is the oral lube can wash away some of the paint on the eyes so if you would like to keep the paint for a time to come use the oral at a later date. Cleaning is a bit difficult as well.

Wrapping things up this toy is well worth buying it is made extremely well so well in fact I am thinking about buying another model from Kokos. I couldn't be more pleased I had mediocre expectations of it when I purchased it.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Wonderfully designed Review by Modality
Experience: Expert (10+ products owned) Age: 25 - 34 Length: 8+ Inches Girth: 5 - 6 Inches
To preface this review, I have been using and collecting toys (both male and female) for almost 15 years now, including a total of eight fleshlights and onaholes. This toy is enticing and beautifully designed. The body's texture is smooth and inviting and the detail is expertly done.

Each orifice has a unique design that is extremely pleasurable. The oral opening is a good deal tighter than the other two.

I am well endowed, so I was worried about the durability, but I have had this toy for a few months now and it has held up great.

I gave this toy credit for its value because toys of this caliber of quality and design are a rarity at this price point if they even exist at all. The craftsmanship that went into this doll is apparent and appreciated. I have a difficult time not hopping on it every time I see it!

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Awesome Bang For Your Buck Review by xkingox
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: 18 - 24 Length: 6 - 8 Inches Girth: 5 - 6 Inches
I recieved valentina about a week ago, but ive been having pretty frequent sex with a girl for about a month so I just admired the sculpting (and she is definitely a piece of art), fingered the holes a bit, and back in the box she went.

Took said girl out for a nice date last night, and then when we got back to her place, SUPRISE! Shes on her period and this guy isnt getting any :/ Good thing I had Valentina waiting for me at home this morning! Shes sexy, soft, just the right tightness, wont turn you down for any reason, and doesnt mind taking a big dick in her ass at 8am (or any other time of day).

Sure, shes a little small, but that was to be expected. The oral is a bit of a joke, definitely not deep enough, but it feels good and its fun to watch her head bug out when you stuff it full of willy. Other two entrances are great, not loose or overstimulating at all, and visually awesome. Makes your junk look huge going into her tiny holes. And you can use her a suprising number of ways despite her flat bottom. Perfect amount of flop to make her versatile, and her sculpting and details are amazing.

Cleaning is the only downside. Pretty straightforward with the open ended tunnels, but gonna have to wait for the roommate to leave. Definitely not a stealthy toy, but her performance more than makes up for that little drawback. Just make sure you use a good amount of lube and go easy on her little butthole if you want it to last a while, seems delicate but no issues this round!

Pros: Sensation, Quality
Cons: Value

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Great! Review by Joe
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: 35 - 44 Length: 4 - 6 Inches Girth: 3 - 4 Inches
Like the reviews before this item is great. A little small on size but its manageable. All entrances feel good, the mouth might be too short for me. Its about 3-4 inches long, feels nice tho. Visuals are great and detailed. I like to flip it and have missionary and on its side. Did I say it feels awesome?

Only downside is cleaning but even this is straight forward. The weight of it hinders using the bathroom sink so I use the bathtub.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality

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