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Love Doll Valentina Auto

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The masturbators from Kokos has always shown their mastery of the female form. After releasing the master piece Victoria, Veronia, and Valentina Love Dolls, Kokos is back with the first auto version of the Love Doll series using the Love Doll Valentina Auto.


Kokos is the master sculptor of the male masturbator world with their dedication of the female form in their products. Time and time again they have shown this mastery from their Hera Hip Mini to Love Doll Victoria, Veronia, and Valentina. Now they are back to heat up your nights with the first auto version of the Love Doll series using the Love Doll Valentina Auto.

For those unfamiliar to the Love Doll series, they are a scaled down size of a full bodied woman. The third installment Love Doll Valentina Auto shows a woman in the doggy style position with her back end sticking up. Words may not fully convey the beauty of this sleeve. Take a look at all the pictures above and look at them zoomed to truly see all the details Kokos has given to the sleeve. Love Doll Valentina Auto sleeve invites you like no other scaled sleeve before it. Now with the Auto attachment, you can see her rear end wiggle and move for more enticement.

The vaginal entrance is a camel toed double lipped design in a dual layer construction. Open the outer lip to find the pick fleshy color inner lip. This path is packed with various angled flesh textured folds and grooves that tightens up at the end with smaller micro rib lining for stimulation.

The anal tunnel is packed with various large oval nubs with organic looking textures coming at you from different angles for a varying and stimulating experience. The anal tunnel is relatively straight compared to the more wavy vaginal path. A dual layer construction is used with the anal tunnel offering a more stimulating experience than a single layer design.

The biggest difference with Love Doll Valentina Auto compared to the previous Love Dolls in the series is that the mouth also has a tunnel for your masturbation pleasure. This dual layer tunnel has multiple tightening zones and is lined with tiny rounded nubs for stimulation.

The dual layer construction mentioned means that the tunnel is lined with a more dense material compared to the outside. This means that the denser material can give more stimulation while the outer material has a soft skin like tactile feel to it giving you the best of both worlds.

All the tunnels of Love Doll Valentina Auto are through-hole design. This means the tunnel goes all the way through the item with an outlet hole on the other end. A through-hole design make cleaning much easier since you can continually flush water through the tunnel until clean. The down side of a through-hole is that it will lack the vacuum suction of other closed-hole sleeve. For Love Doll series, this is partially “fixed” since both tunnels end on the flat back of the sleeve. When you place Love Doll Valentina Auto on a flat surface to use (table, desk, etc), it will block the end tunnel helping with the suction of the sleeve. All these features combine to make Love Doll Valentina Auto a masturbator of beauty and a welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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