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Love Body Miyu Hole

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Specially designed onahole for the 6th generation of the popular Japanese Love Body air doll series.
$ 35.95


The Love Body Miyu Hole continues to improve upon past Love Body Holes. This Love Body Miyu Hole uses three sectioned zone of different hardness. Both the front and back third is made of a softer material while the middle is made of a harder material. This creates a tight point in the middle for more stimulation. The internal path is realistic with bumps and grooves throughout. It is also dual-layered creating a stimulating experience while feeling soft on the outside.

The overall shape is similar to the past two versions of Love Body Hole. The Love Body Miyu Hole entrance, however, has a hidden lip look to it for creating a "camel toe" like appearance when used with certain underwear.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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