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Kouhunryuuki Ikititu

  • ToysLove Brand

  • single layer construction

  • close hole design

  • target penis head stimulating design

  • made in Japan

  • Show Full Specifications

ToyDemon is happy to introduce the new Japanese brand ToysLove and their new sleeve Kouhunryuuki Ikititu to America.

$ 17.95

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Now: $17.95

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ToyDemon is always on the lookout for notable new items and series from Japan. We are happy to introduce the new brand "ToysLove" and their new sleeve Kouhunryuuki Ikititu to America for Summer 2016.

Kouhunryuuki Ikititu is a more compact sleeve compared to ToysLove's Virgin Taikan and Vagipero also launching on ToyDemon. The design of Kouhunryuuki Ikititu's tunnel is to give penis head stimulation. This is accomplished through three rounded nodes covered with small nubs, then larger nubs, and ribs on the last one. Between these structures are filled with various nubs and ribs all designed to give pointed stimulation.

The outer shape tapers in from the entrance to place more pressure at the front during use. Made in Japan, Kouhunryuuki Ikititu and ToysLove is a much welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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