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Kiwami Zoukei Ayami

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Enjoy Toys' Kiwami Zoukei series is back on ToyDemon for Spring 2018 with a new item called Kiwami Zoukei Ayami.



ToyDemon brought Enjoy Toys to America back in 2015 with their Kiwami Zoukei Julia. The Kiwami Zoukei series is back for Spring 2018 with a new item featuring the lovely Japanese AV actress Ayami called Kiwami Zoukei Ayami.

The original Kiwami Zoukei Julia was the first sleeve to use a triple material layer construction as well as having a harder material to be on the outer layer. For Kiwami Zoukei Ayami, Enjoy Toys is using the unique foam type material make up in a dual layer construction using both their Plus Wetch and Purerial material.

Foam type material construction has the advantage of being lighter and stretchier than the original material. As mentioned previously, Kiwami Zoukei Ayami is a dual layer contruction with the inner layer being their Plus Wetch coated material and outer layer being their Purerial material. “Plus Wetch” coating is a special coating on the inside that get rid of the need to use lotion. Simply hold the sleeve with the hole pointing up, add a bit of water and working it around inside to active the coating for a new sensation from the water. Purerial is material design and made in Japan to be safe while being very soft.

The inner tunnel textures can be separated into three sections. The beginning section has large nub covered node for stimulation. The middle section has long ribs and grooves texture design. The end of the tunnel is a small cervix-like structure for stimulation. Enjoy Toys recommend using the sleeve in three different position to take advantage of the tunnel design. “Regular” with the front of the body facing you without any directional pressure, “Riding” with angular pressure to place more emphasis on head massaging, and “Back” with the back of the body facing with while having the sleeve slightly twisted.

To further help you with visual stimulation, a small cutoff of Ayami can be taken from the packaging to place onto the sleeve for added visual pleasure. A collectable card of Ayami is also included into the packaging. Kiwami Zoukei Ayami is another great sleeve from Enjoy Toys and a welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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