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Kashin Chapter 4

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The KASHIN masturbator series is the first TÜV-tested sex toy for men and currently one of the highest quality onahole on the market.


One of the many complaints people have with some of the sex toy material on the market is the smell and oily feel. Many of these materials also claims to be safest on the market. Kashin series uses the revolutionary "Daisy" material that is both fragrance free and non-oily, while backing up their safety claims by being TÜV-tested for harmful substances. The "Daisy" material also accomplish all this while still producing a realistic softness and incredible durability.

Chapter 4 of the Kashin is a tight ribbed hole with a 3-stage ribbed area. The entrance is wider with wide ribs that changes to a narrow path. The end stage is also a narrow path with narrow ribs. Kashin Chapter 4 is a must for anyone who likes it tight. Made of the finest and purest material Kashin is the ultimate future of male masturbation. ToyDemon is excited to bring this revolutionary series to America.

Important Note: *A conditioning powder is dusted on the product before packaging, please thoroughly wash this off before use.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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