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Ju-C Type One

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The Ju-C is the maturbation sleeve that is also compatible for the Ju-C Air masturbator device. This is the type one soft version of Ju-C masturbator.
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Before being picked as the sleeve shape for use with the Ju-C USB device. The Ju-C was a new sleeve series from G Project. The outer shape of Ju-C has a simple discreet looking cylinder shape. This simple outer shape hides a complicated interior however.

The interior of the sleeve has four different area of design in addition to a double lipped entrance. The double lipped design with its small entrance provides a tight insertion at the beginning. This double lip system also help with lotion retention during use meaning you spend less time stopping to re-lube.

At the beginning of the tunnel, you will experience a set of directional ribs. These ribs provides a mellower sensation when you go in and more stimulation when you are going out. The middle of the tunnel is a rounded cavern with numerous nubs for a pointed stimulation. Once passed this area, a twisting set of ribs stimulate you until you reach the end vacuum chamber. The end vacuum chamber is finger nub lined for stimulation and head massaging. The enlarged chamber helps increase the suction feeling of the hole. Simply squeeze the air out as you enter the hole to maximize suction.

Made with a durable material that has less oily feel, Ju-C series is a great masturbator. The material construction of Ju-C is a dual-layer design allowing one softness for the outer grip while a different material inside is more suited for the designed sensation. This is Ju-C Type One with a harder material for a stronger and tighter stimulation. Pepee sample lotion and storage bag are also included with this sleeve.

For instruction on using this sleeve with Ju-C Air, please refer to the Ju-C Air USB device page here

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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