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I'm A Guy Version Two

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I'm A Guy is the strange product from A-One that is two product in one. This is version two.


I'm A Guy is one of those Japanese product that have the ToyDemon staff scratching our heads when we first saw it. Illustrated by the artist Sambonmatsu Jyuuichi, I'm A Guy is really two products in one. The first part is a thin set dual-layer masturbator sleeve. Dual layer construction allows the outside material to be soft to grip while the interior is lined with a thin layer of harder material for more stimulation. I'm A Guy Version Two has a curved interior path lined with big nubs for a stimulating experience while maximizing the vacuum sensation. Simply squeeze the air out of the sleeve as you enter it for the vacuum effect.

The second part of the I'm A Guy product is the anal plug. For I'm A Guy Version Two, the plug has a curved head with two bump in the middle of the plug. A great bundled product from A-One for lovers of anal plug and masturbators but they probably could have come out with a better name for this product.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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