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Hyper Throat

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Hyper Throat is an onacup series that add a "Twist" to your stimulation.


The inside of each sleeve is a unique design each giving you a different sensation. An added feature of the Hyper Throat Cup is that each one can be twisted to vary the cup's sensation.

The Blue and Black versions are not as tight with a series of ribs and nubs.

The Red version has a choke point at the beginning leading into a mid chamber of finger nubs. The end chamber is larger also lined with more finger nubs.

The pink model is the tightest Hyper cup with tight bumps at the beginning to hug you and gradually expand to the end nub chamber.

The Purple model has a tight beginning choke point leading into finger grip like bumps into the end nub chamber. The hard container can be twisted to change up the sensation of the cup.


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