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How To Play

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The ToysHeart How To Play masturbator uses a mixture of 3D structures to create a realistic stimulation and experience.


The How To Play masturbator's concept producer is the former AV star Yuri Komuro who was surprised that there are still many out there that hasn't experienced the finer points of the female experience.

The complex 3D structure of How To Play masturbator is designed using her many years of pleasure experience. There are four main points of design for this masturbator. The first point is the tightening point just inside the entrance. This tight zone replicates the female muscle tightening during arousal. Second point is the G-spot on the top that is the first point of stimulation inside. Third is the flesh hugging canal with many realistic folds that surround your penis with stimulation. The last point is the portio vaginalis that kicks the stimulation and experience to the max.

Made with ToysHeart's high-quality "Baby Skin" material to produce a great experience. The "Baby Skin" feels soft and gentle to your skin compared to other materials on the market while being safe and low odor.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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