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The most popular TENGA cup has gone HOT! Introducing the HOT TENGA just in time for 2016.

$ 14.95


The original TENGA Deep Throat Cup from Japan is designed to create a “deep” sucking effect and is the most popular of the TENGA cups lineup. Just in time for the new year 2016 is the “HOT” version of Deep Throat Cup simply called HOT TENGA.

HOT TENGA combines the Deep Throat Cup's special combination of internal structure, textures, and air suction control with a built in warming device. Four minutes is all it takes to have the HOT TENGA nice and warm for you.


1. Remove the top wrapping and seal from the entrance.
2. Remove the air hole cover from the other side.
3. Pull the plastic latch out and turn it until it “clicks”.
4. On a firm and flat surface, push the latch in by push from the top of the cup.
5. Wait 4 minutes.
6. Remove the warmer and use your finger to test the temperature of the sleeve before use.


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