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HEPS Fantastic

HEPS has upgraded their revolutionary Kinsey oral masturbator into the new HEPS Fantastic.

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Heps Fantastic Human Oral System pictures

HEPS Kinsey was a revolutionary oral simulation system. HEPS took the many feedback from customers and has upgraded the Kinsey into the new HEPS Fantastic System. It is called Fantastic System because it has a vast amount of innovations and features combined into one Fantastic "Oral Simulation" System. The overall appearance and design simulates the entire mouth system of human. However, the ability of Fantastic goes beyond the limitation of the human mouth. Fantastic is deeper, opens wider, and more stimulating than human. That's why their motto is HEPS' Only Rival is Human.

Fantastic continues where Kinsey left off as a new Muliti-System masturbator from Korea. ToyDemon is excited to be the first in North America to carry the Kinsey, Kinsey Magnetic Edition, and their newly upgraded HEPS Fantastic.

The HEPS' Magnets system was created for a better hold on the sleeve while decreasing wear and tear on the soft material. This system allows for easy cleanup and control over the vacuum level. For the HEPS Fantastic, the material around the Magic Hole System has be changed to be much thicker to increase durability. The hold on the sleeve by the Magic Hole System is now less tight than the Kinsey. This change was made to keep the sleeve from ripping if you tried to pull the sleeve straight out from the case without removing the Magic Hole covers first(Still not recommended).

HEPS Fantastic's upgrade is not limited to just durability. The stimulating interior has receive many upgrades also. If you compare the Kinsey and Fantastic side by side, first thing you'll notice is the new shape of the tongue. HEPS Fantastic's tongue is longer and more lively like than the Kinsey. Kinsey's tongue lays very flat while Fantastic tongue's angle will be felt at insertion. The middle area of the tongue now has an air chamber under to allow give to the middle area of the tongue just like the real thing. The back of the tongue and top of the mouth has thicker ridges for more hugging sensation. The back of the throat is now also nub lined at the top and bottom for more stimulation at the end of the thrust.

Heps Fantastic cradle and case picture

HEPS Fantastic now comes in the HEPS Docking Cradle. After washing, leave the Cradle open with the HEPS Fantastic cradled in the vertical position(open end down) for air drying. Once drying is finish, replace the cap and close the cradle up for storage. You can even replace the cover sheet with anything you like for discreet storage of your HEPS Fantastic.

This is the best oral simulation item we have seen. The material is high quality silicone and is very safe on your skin. Fantastic is currently only available in White and Black with more color options in the future.


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