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HEPS Fantastic Insert - H5 Tight Hole

HEPS Fantastic inserts are finally available! This is the H5 Tight Hole which is the first new insert for the HEPS Fantastic oral masturbator.

HEPS Fantastic is needed for this insert and sold separately.

$ 19.95


HEPS H5 Tight Hole Insert is the first alternative sleeve insert for the HEPS Fantastic. The H5 Tight Hole is designed to be tight and stimulating rather than oral simulation of the HEPS H3 Insert. The interior tunnel of the H5 Tight Hole is a series of angled ribs for stimulation. The ribs alternate in angle to give different stimulation when you stroke into and out of the HEPS Fantastic. Using the rocking plate and its different configuration on the HEPS Fantastic will vary and add to your experience with the HEPS sleeves. The suction feeling during use can also be adjusted with Magic Ring giving you control of every session.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product. (HEPS Fantastic is needed for this insert and sold separately)


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