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The ToysHeart Happiness masturbator uses some of the most unique structure design from ToysHeart and put it together in a large size using 585g of their "Safe Skin" material.


The beginning entrance area of the Happiness masturbator has a lotion retaining rib point, followed by 3D pleated ribs into a narrow ribs. After that a twisting structure comes right before the large vacuum chamber for creating good suctioning while use. This large hand-held onahole is made with 585g of the "Safe Skin" material that has been used in the Innocent Younger Sister, and many other top ToysHeart products.

"Safe Skin" has minimum odor and oily feel compare to other materials on the market while being very safe and soft to your skin. The Happiness masturbator is comparable in size to the Meiki Up/Down and another great product showing off ToysHeart's innovations in male pleasure product and a great buy for Meiki lovers who want something a little different.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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