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  • G Project Brand

  • open hole

  • double sided material construction

  • two material softness

  • Momochi material (TPE)

  • storage pouch included

  • made in Japan

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FUWA CYUN W is the new through-hole from G project for spring 2016 with its two sided hardness Momochi material.

$ 31.95


G Project has brought us a wide range of items from the economical Chu! to the futuristic Ju-C Air hand masturbator. They're back on ToyDemon for late spring 2016 with another offering call FUWA CYUN W.

From the outside, you will see that FUWA CYUN W is different from other sleeves in a couple of ways. One side has a blue material while the other side is made from a pink material. FUWA CYUN W is a two material construction but not like a dual layer type like most two material sleeves on the market. One side of the tunnel has a material different from the other to compliment the interior design of FUWA CYUN W.

The other difference you may have seen is that FUWA CYUN W is a through-hole construction. This means that the tunnel goes entirely through the sleeve. The advantage of this design is that you can continually flush water through until clean.

As mentioned the two material each is designed to compliment the interior textures. On the blue side, the material is more stiffer compared to the pink side. This side's texture is designed to give more stimulating experience with nubs and multiple points of tightness. On the pink side, the material is mellower compared to the blue side. This side's texture is designed to give a tighter and hugging experience with a narrower tunnel and a tornado like twisting rib design. The middle of the tunnel has a large chamber of bubble nubs on both side of the material to let you know see how the material compares.

Both side are made using variations of G Project's soft yet realistic Momochi material, FUWA CYUN W is a great addition to G Project's offering on ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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