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Girlfriend Arina Onahole

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Following the Hyper OnaHole masturbator, this Girlfriend Arina Onahole masturbator is the newest addition from King in a collaboration with Kawaii's Arina Sakita for summer 2013.


Girlfriend Arina Onahole is the third King product for ToyDemon. With it unique outer curve shape, Girlfriend Arina is designed to be for those seeking a more mellowing experience.

Unlike its previous two products, Girlfriend Arina is a single layer design which gives a much better hugging and softer feeling experience. The inner design of Girlfriend Arina is very simple with small symmetrical ribs inside. The opening is small for a tight entry and lotion retaining. This item comes with a PEPEE sample lotion to get you started right away and a storage bag for use after you're done. The box features the lovely Arina Sakita for your visual enjoyment

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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