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Puni Virgin 600

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  • G Project Brand

  • made in Japan

  • closed end tunnel design

  • single layer construction

  • storage pouch included

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G Project is back with a new addition to their Puni Virgin series called Puni Virgin 600 just in time for the end of the year 2016.

$ 44.95


G Project has brought us a wide range of items from the economical Chu! to the futuristic Ju-C Air hand masturbator. They're back on ToyDemon just in time for the end of the year 2016 with another offering from their Puni Virgin lineup. This time it's a hand masturbator sized sleeve called Puni Virgin 600.

Puni Virgin 600 is a scaled down, body shaped hand masturbator that's are starting to get popular again. Like other Puni Virgin in the series, the interior Puni Virgin 600 is based on a realistic structure combined with structures to heighten stimulation. As you enter the beginning of the tunnel, parallel ridges covered with countless ribs narrows to create a tighter sensation. Move past this point and you'll find nub covered rounded nodes squeeze the already tight clearance of the tunnel. Continue to the back half of the tunnel to find more parallel ridges covered with tiny ribs leading to the end cervix structure. Push into the cervix structure(if you can) for a tight fit at the end of the tunnel.

Made with G Project's soft yet realistic Momochi material, Puni Virgin 600 is a great addition to G Project's Puni Virgin series on ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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