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Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio

  • Ride Japan Brand

  • oral tunnel design

  • single layer construction

  • close hole design

  • Softee Touch material (TPE)

  • made in Japan

  • Show Full Specifications

Ride Japan is one of the recent new Japanese manufacturer starting to gain recognition with their sleeves. They have released their very first oral sleeve masturbator in Summer 2016 called Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio.

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Ride Japan made their debut internationally on ToyDemon back in 2013 with Anal Wife Beyond and Trick Girl with favorable reviews from users. Since then, their popularity has grown considerably with great product releases and high profile collaboration with Magic Eye. Now they are back for spring 2016 on ToyDemon with their very first oral sleeve masturbator in Summer 2016 called Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio.

Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio is designed as a soft hugging oral experience. To accomplish the hugging experience, the tunnel clearance is small for an oral sleeve along with a wavy tunnel path. The tunnel textures along the side walls are flesh-like with most of the stimulation coming from the top and bottom of the tunnel. Ride Japan took the structures of the mouth and modified them to increase the stimulation. The tongue structure is nub lined and angled for head massaging. The uvula has been changed to multiple large rounded bumps. The throat area is lined with tiny ribs with a nub lined vacuum end chamber for penis head massaging and maximizing suction. Simply squeeze out the air as you enter to maximize suction.

Ride Japan use their newer “Softee Touch” material to create the soft oral experience of Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio. Softee Touch is designed to be very soft to the touch while giving a skin like feel. Made in Japan of high quality material, Fuwafera Deep Irrumatio is another great oral simulating onahole masturbator for your masturbating pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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