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Fuwachitsu Evolution

Ride Japan is one of the recent new Japanese manufacturer starting to gain recognition with their sleeves. Now they are back for Fall 2015 with their latest sleeve on ToyDemon called Fuwachitsu Evolution.

$ 25.95


Ride Japan made their debut in America on ToyDemon back in 2013 and has been one of the popular new brand ever since. Now they're back on ToyDemon for Fall 2015 with their latest sleeve called Fuwachitsu Evolution.

Fuwachitsu Evolution captivated us at ToyDemon as soon as we saw its design. The entire tunnel of Fuwachitsu Evolution is packed with stimulating textures all over in what can be described as the wild dance of textures.

The overall path of Fuwachitsu Evolution is linear with a “wave” towards the middle of the tunnel. As you first enters the sleeve, rounded nubs of all size and shapes protruding from all directions creating an asymmetrical stimulation. Enter the wave section of the sleeve and encounter shell-like ribbed nodes that are directed to create more stimulation when you go into the tunnel. The end section of the tunnel is a rotating set of ribs and ribbon covered in lots of nubs. A small vacuum chamber at the end helps increase suction of the sleeve. Simply squeeze all the air out as you enter to maximize the suction sensation.

The material of Fuwachitsu Evolution is a newer material developed by Ride Japan called “Softee Touch”. Softee Touch is designed to be very soft to the touch while giving a skin like feel. Made in Japan of high quality material, Fuwachitsu Evolution is another great sleeve with a very unique design for your masturbating pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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