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Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na (Long)

Ride Japan is one of the recent new Japanese manufacturer starting to gain recognition with their sleeves. Hot on the trail of their Double Vagina is the new Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long) sleeve for late spring 2016.

$ 29.95


Ride Japan made their debut in America on ToyDemon back in 2013 with Anal Wife Beyond and Trick Girl with favorable reviews from users. Since then, their popularity has grown with their collaboration with Magic Eye. Now they are back for spring 2016 on ToyDemon with their new sleeve called Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long).

Ride Japan's new Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long) is a soft sleeve incorporating some of the favorite design elements from their other popular series. The internal design can be separated into 4 different theme sections. The first area has various nub covered node and nubs for stimulation right from the start. The second area has a set of twisting ribbed rods to change up the stimulation. The third part has alternating nub and ribbed bumps for a tighter experience. The end part is a nub lined vacuum chamber. Simply squeeze out the air as you enter to maximize suction.

The material of Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long) is Ride Japan's newer material called “Softee Touch”. Softee Touch is designed to be very soft to the touch while giving a skin like feel. Made in Japan of high quality material, Fuwa Pocha Torori-na (Long) is another great sleeve with a very unique design for your masturbating pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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