Infinity Loop - Duplex

90% of 100

  • inner part for Infinity System
  • durable high quality material
  • easy to clean and dry
  • limitless possibility
The Infinity Loop Duplex for the Infinity Hole is specially designed for flipping and has two separated world of pleasure. Please note this is just one Loop Duplex for Infinity. Two more Loops, a Portal, and Enclosure are needed for completing the product.

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Further customize your experience with the Infinity Hole by adding inner Loops to your library of textures. Adding a new Loop or getting a duplicate (up to 3 of the same textures) greatly increase your pleasure combination possible .

This is the Duplex version of the Infinity Loop. With the first expansion set of Loops for the Infinity, we want to take full advantage of each Loops' ability to "Flip". To do this, the Duplex has two separated "world" of pleasure on its two sides. Each having a contrasting texture design. One has long finger nubs for massaging while the other side has tiny nub for stimulation. Between these two halves is a specially designed wall gate. As you move in and out during stroking, this gate completely separate the two half from each other. This means if you have the finger nub part forward, you'll only feel the finger nub during your in strokes. By inserting the Loop on the Flip side, now you'll only feel the tiny nub textured during your in strokes. This unique design allows the Duplex to offer differing in and out stroke stimulation experience.

High quality materials is used inside and out for each Loop. ABS plastic is used on all hard plastic parts while a new proprietary blend of TPE(phthalate and PVC free) we developed just for the Infinity is safe and skin like is used for all soft parts inside. Durability is greatly increased due to the unique design of Infinity.

Be sure to check out all the other inner Loops and entrance Portals available so you can pick the custom combination that's right for you.

Please note this is just one Loop Duplex for Infinity. Two more Loops, a Portal, and Enclosure are needed for completing the product.
*Please follow all instructions included. Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

More Information
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 3.32 x 3.32 x 1.625
TD Rating 5 of 5
Warranty None
Material TPE
Product Size Small ( < 6 in.)
Hole Design Through Hole
# of Holes 1
Usability Reusable
Lotion Included No
Softness 7
Simulation Non Realistic
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