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First Night's Fluttering Heart

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ToysHeart's First Night's Fluttering Heart is another great masturbator in its long line of toys with unique interior tunnel.


ToysHeart has the widest range of products for all budgets. The First Night's Fluttering Heart is made with their unique 3D Wavy Hole but scaled down into a economy size. First Night's Fluttering Heart has great features just like other ToysHeart product including G-spot stimulation, curved pleated path, and a vacuum chamber at the end. The curved pleated path also has lotion retaining channels so you can go the distance without constantly having to stop for re-lubing.

Made with the high-quality "Safe Skin" material to produce the greatest sensation. "Safe Skin" has also been used in other best sellers like Virgin Road, and Innocent Younger Sister. It feels gentle on your skin and very soft compared to other materials on the market.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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