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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: 02/28/2013

Our Website and Products


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Placing an Order and Payment


Shipping & Delivery


Reward Points




Our Website and Products


What is the currency of the prices on

All prices on our site are in U.S. Dollars.


Where do these products come from? I've never seen some of these products

Most of the products we offer are from Asia. We try to provide some of the best items available from around the world. Many of these items are well known internationally but may not be known here in America.


Are TENGA, Meiki, or all these items really that good?

We don't and won't hype things that we aren't impressed by. We bring some of the best products to USA. These item are well know internationally due to their superior design. We have great items for all different budgets. With some items under ten bucks, give it a shot and you'll find out.


Are the TENGA onacups disposable?

Yes. All TENGA or other brand onacups are designed to be disposable. It's more hygienic and trouble-free.


What kind of lubricant should I use if I want to add additional lubricant to my onacup or onahole?

User should only add water-based lubricant. Silicone or oil based lubrication should not be used on any of our products. It can cause damage to the product.


Can I re-use TENGA Cups or clean TENGA Cups?

Since TENGA Cups is designed to be disposable, we do not recommend multiple uses. However there are users re-using TENGA Cups by:

Wearing a WATER-BASED lubricated condom while using TENGA Cups

Cleaning TENGA Cups after each use. More information is available from other users on the forum (ToyDemon does not recommend it and is not responsible for any damages).


Since we are in the US, do we need US TENGA?

U.S. TENGA stands for Ultra Sized. It is about 2 inches longer than the regular models and wider in diameter. However the regular models will fit most people, the material is very stretchy and soft insertion should not be a problem. If you find regular sizes too tight then go for the U.S. TENGAS.


What kind of lotion do these products come with?

If the item is marked lotion included, it will come with a water-based lotion. Use only water based lotion on all items from ToyDemon useless instructed other-wise by the manufacturer.


Where can I get coupon codes?

Our prices are one of the best for imported adult toys, however everybody like deals (including all of us here). All we can say is like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter, you'll never know what will show up there.


Why did you guys redesigned your website?

We spend a lot of time on designing our current website. Our original site was designed to be unique just like the products we carry. It worked for us for a long time but we needed more room to grow as our product line grew. As the needs of our site and customers grew, our site has been changed and upgraded to reflect this. Currently this is ToyDemon version 4.0.


Email support and Newsletter


How do I contact ToyDemon?

Please use the Contact Us form for the best way to ask us about anything.


Why was my email not answered?

The most common cause to this problem we've seen is that our email is unfamiliar to your email account and it sometimes gets forwarded to Spam/Junk folder. When this happens, no matter how many times we reply, you will never see it. Please check your spam/junk folder and make sure your email does not block any email from

The second most common cause is misspelled emails. Sometime we receive a lot of questions from customer who misspelled their email. Our answer bounces and many continue to write back saying they did not receive a response using the same misspelled email address again. Some are easy to figure out like,, or but many are not so obvious.

Depending on the nature of your inquiry, there could also be a delay in your reply. However most emails are answered ASAP.


How is the newsletter sent out and how often do you send it out?

Newsletters are sent out through email format only. Currently our newsletter is sent about once to twice a month.


How do I subscribe to ToyDemon Newsletter?

Please log in to your account or register for an account if you do not have one and there will be a checkbox under your account details for Newsletter subscription. If you would like to sign up for newsletters without an account, please enter your email address at the bottom right side of our website, above the ToyDemon logo.


How do I unsubscribe from the ToyDemon Newsletter?

Every newsletter has a unique unsubscribe link on the bottom. Clicking on the link will open the unsubscribe confirmation page. Simply click on the confirmation and your email is instantly removed, there is no need to wait.

If you are a registered customer, you can also unsubscribe from the newsletter by logging into your account. After logging in, from the dashboard click on Newsletter Subscriptions on the left and unclick your subscription box and save.


Placing an Order and Payment


How do I place an order without registering for an account?

Please use the following steps to checkout on our site without making an account:

  • Add all the items you wanted to purchase into your cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout.
  • Click the bubble "Checkout as Guest" and click continue.
  • Fill in all required fields in billing information and shipping information and click continue.
  • Choose a shipping method you wish to use.
  • Select Credit Card and enter your credit card information.
  • Review your order and the order total.
  • When ready, click on "Place Order".


How do I use the coupon code?

Coupon codes can only be entered in the shopping cart page. Please enter the code into the coupon code box and click on "Apply Coupon" to apply the code on your order.


How do I use the gift certificate code?

Gift Certificate can be applied to your order in the shopping cart page and the checkout page.

When in shop cart page, click the checkbox for "Use gift card to checkout". Once clicked, you will be given a space to enter your gift certificate code. Simply enter it and click "Apply Gift Card".

When in the checkout page, once you arrive at step 5 "Payment Information", click the checkbox for "Use gift card to checkout". Once clicked, you will be given a space to enter your gift certificate code. Simply enter it and click "Add Gift Card".


What will show up on my credit card billing statement?

PDT Inc. will show up rather than ToyDemon.


My transaction failed but why is it showing up on my credit card?

The failed transaction was never processed on our end but your institution holds the funds whenever a fund request is made. Those holds are placed by your card issuer but will automatically be release by your banking or credit card institution within a couple business days depending on your banking institution policy.

Once the hold is released, it will disappear from your record as if it was never there. We would like to reassure you that from our end, the order was never processed and we could not claim any funds due to the decline.

If your credit card failed and you don't see any incorrect information, it's best you email us. We might be able to inform you why it failed, rather than having multiple failed pending charges.


Why was my debit card declined when I have verified that the funds are available and the information entered is correct?

Debit Card systems and their address verification system varies from bank to bank and may not be compatible causing a decline even if the debit card is endorsed by Visa or Mastercard.


Do you accept Check/Money Order/Cash?

Sorry we don't. However our system is setup to accept American Express Gift Card for our customers who wants to pay discreetly.


Do you accept Paypal/Google Checkout?

Currently we only accept PayPal. In the past we offered Google Checkout, but there were policy changes by the Google which made it no longer possible for us to use them as a payment method.


Do you accept Gift Cards?

Gift Cards fully compatible for use online like American Express Gift Card will work on our site. Be sure to register the shipping address with the gift card provider. If you are unable to register a fully address with the issuer, then the gift card will likely not work with our site.


Is there sales tax on my order?

Sales tax is collected on all order shipped within the state of Illinois.


Can I cancel my order?

Your order can be canceled as long as the order has not been shipped. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your order.


Shipping & Delivery


Is your shipping discreet?

Yes, we used unmarked USPS or brown boxes. The return name is a shorten version of our company name and not ToyDemon.


How long does it take to process an order for shipping?

All orders will be processed and shipped out within 1-2 business day. Once it is packed and ready to go, you will receive an email with tracking number.


How do I get a tracking number?

If the shipping method supports tracking, you will receive an automated shipping email containing a number for you to use with whatever carrier you pick.


What do I do with the tracking number from the automated email?

For tracking on FedEx shipments, please go to

For tracking on USPS shipments, please go to

If you are unsure of the carrier, you can go to Google.comand search the number given.


Why isn't there tracking information for my order when I checked with the carrier?

The carrier may need time to initialize the information online. If you do not see any information at first, please try again at a later time. If information is still not updated after a business day, please let us know.

For orders shipped with First-Class Package International Service, tracking information is not publicly available as stated on the shipping method page of checkout.


Why is ToyDemon not responsible for any lost or damaged shipment domestically with USPS?

On many other online stores, if you look hard enough you'll notice somewhere hidden on their site that states their responsibility ends with the carrier. Meaning they aren't responsible for it once they ship it. That's actually on our site too, but we feel that we should be upfront with our customer.

USPS generally is more economical to ship but takes a hit in reliability. During Tax and Holiday seasons, we've experienced damaged items, incorrect routing, unexplained delays, and lost packages. Once we had a experience with USPS that a package was damaged and signed for by the customer. However, the customer emailed us and complained that he never signed for it and it showed up completely destroyed with a shoe print and a note stating: "received in this condition". These are the reasons we worked hard to add FedEx as a carrier. All FedEx packages will include real tracking, delivery estimate and insurance at no extra cost to our valued customers. FedEx isn't perfect either but at least you are protected.


Do you send anything to my shipping or billing address?

Other than what your ordered, we will never send advertisements to your shipping or billing address.


Do you send to P.O. Box and APOs?

Yes we do, if you do not see any shipping options for your address, please contact us.


What carrier do you use for USA "Free shipping"?

It depends on the location, size, and weight of the package. The process is automated to choose the most economical shipping method. Most of the time it will be shipped with FedEx Smart Post service, but at times it might be shipped with FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail if they are cheaper. Please do not expect to ship it with a certain method when choosing "Free Shipping".


What do you write on customs form for international shipping?

The description of "Novelty Toys" and/or "Novelty Toy Accessories" will be used on the customs form to describe the commodity inside the package. No exceptions are allowed.


What if no one is home to receive the package?

If no one is at home, the package may be left at your residence or office. However, the package will not be left if the driver deems the package could be in jeopardy if left at that specific address. If you would like to sign for your package, please specify "Signature Required" in the Customer Note section when you order. Signature will be required on all orders over $250. Signature may not be available for international orders.


Why did my package not arrive when it was supposed to?

Sometimes a package cannot be delivered on time due to weather delays or acts of nature. ToyDemon cannot refund shipping charges for these reasons. In addition, if an inaccurate address was provided when ordering, delivery may be delayed.

If your order appears late, please remember:

All orders will be processed and shipped out within 1-2 business day, with the exception of FedEx Express orders (Standard Overnight / 2nd Day / Express Saver) placed before 2:30pm CDT will be shipped out on the same day.

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are not considered business days. For holidays add one business day to all delivery methods.

All international orders are subject to customs clearance which may sometimes cause delay.


Bonus Points


Why can't I see my orders from 1-2 years ago in my account history and why didn't I receive reward points for them?

Reward Points is a new system on the latest ToyDemon site. All orders on the new system from registered users will obtain reward points. Unfortunately previous orders will not retroactively obtain reward points.

For more information, please visit the Earning Points page.


How do I redeem my reward points?

In order to receive reward points, you must have created an account first. When making a purchase, make sure you're logged in. During checkout you will have the option of applying your reward points towards your purchase.

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