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Fairy Onahole Limited Edition TD Red Version

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The Fairy Onahole has gotten the Limited Edition treatment from ToysHeart.


The Fairy Onahole is based on the concept of a comedic look at a sexual fantasy with a fairy. With the success of the original Fairy Onahole, ToysHeart is giving it a Limited Edition upgrade for its one year anniversary. They celebrated this event by holding a "Fairy Onaho Illustration Contest" on a popular artwork sharing site. They also got the most famous onahole packaging illustrator (KESO) to do some "Hentai Fairy" insert cards (one included with the limited edition item).

As for the actual product, the same sexy fairy body shape of Fairy Onahole can be found again on the limited edition Fairy Onahole named "Pure Bitch". We're not really sure why they named it that but the overall design of the item remain similar with each area being improved on. The entrance width and textures have been changed for a better stimulation. The path is now more angular and less straight with a bigger "stomach bump" in the middle of the masturbator. This is redesigned to cause a big stomach bulge when inserted to further play into the fantasy aspect. A new pair of stimulation nubs and new wall textures are placed before the end choke point. Pass this choke point to find the vacuum chamber with a newly shaped "Fairy Y Stinger".

Made with the high-quality "Safe Skin" material to produce a great sensation. The "Safe Skin" material has also been used in other best sellers like First's Nights Fluttering Hearts, and Innocent Younger Sister. It feels gentle to your skin and soft compared to other materials on the market. As mentioned earlier, one "Hentai Fairy" card insert from the set will be included inside the box.

Please note that this is the ToyDemon Red Edition of the limited edition Fairy Onahole. The item comes in a simple TD red box directly from ToysHeart for a even more rare edition of the Limited Edition item.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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