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F & F

  • Enjoy Toys Brand

  • foam like material

  • double sided design

  • oral and vaginal entrance

  • illustrated by Nijie

ToyDemon is excited to add more offering from new brands like Enjoy Toys to America. This is their F&F onahole for Summer 2016.

$ 16.95


ToyDemon is always ready to bring you new and exciting items from up and coming manufacturers from around the world. ToyDemon is excited to have brought the Japanese company Enjoy Toys to America back in 2015. They are back with their F&F onahole for Summer 2016.

F&F or Fela and Fuck is a straight forward name that describe this onahole masturbator. The F&F is double sided, each with its own closed hole tunnel. On one side is the oral mouth opening for the “Felatio” part of F&F. Just inside of this oral mouth entrance is the tongue structure. The oral cavity also has two different options with a small path under the tongue for head massaging. The top of the oral cavity has flat ribs to simulate ridges in the mouth. A bit beyond the middle is the uvula tightening point. Towards the end are widely spaced ribs with a nub covered bump to simulate a deep throating experience.

The other opening of F&F is the “Fuck” part with the vaginal opening. The beginning of the vaginal tunnel is flat with nub textures on the top and bottom and parallel wavy ribs on the sides. Past the mid point the texture changes to ribs with nubs at the end of the tunnel for pointed stimulation.

The material of F&F is made in a bubble foam like construction. This design allows the material to feel lighter and stretchier. However in ToyDemon's own testing, this design made this onaholea bit more delicate than others. So more care must be taken during use of this onahole compared to others. Made in Japan and illustrated by Nijie, F&F is a welcomed addition for Enjoy Toys. Do note that this is the second version of F & F. We found an issue with the original design and worked with the manufacturer to fix this issue. Because of this, we also are the first to receive the updated version with better durability than the original.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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