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Erotic Elder Sister

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The ToysHeart Erotic Elder Sister is a high-density extravagant onahole made with "Safe Skin" and a newly-developed "3D Deform Hole" system to create an all new sensation.
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The Erotic Elder Sister is a high-density extravagant onahole made with 400g of the high-quality "Safe Skin" material to produce a great sensation. "Safe Skin" has also been used in other best sellers like Virgin Road, and Innocent Younger Sister. The newly-developed "3D Deform Hole" system has been used along with the high-density "Safe Skin" to create an all new sensation in numerous areas.

This onahole's entrance was designed for easy insertion, soon afterwards an unique pleasant sensation is felt as the large-diameter 3D spiral structure twines around your member. Pinpoint-stimulations then surround your member from the enormous G-spot area. The pleats along the inner wall gently stimulate your member for a greater sensation. The "Glanse Gate" provide a powerful stimulation to your member toward the end of the onahole. All the features are achieved without compromising the functionality and durability of the onahole.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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