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EroiNger Rings Set

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EroiNger Rings Set is a set of versatile cock ring with a humorous take.


The following description will contain Japanese cartoon and references that most people may not understand, you've been warned...

Perhaps the daily grind of life has you down in your sexual power level. What are you going to do when the Putty Pussy Patrol comes by? How will you protect your world's eroticism? You pull out your EroiNger ring and morph into "Super Saiya Hentai" warrior!

Erotic Ranger Cock Rings or EroiNger Rings for short is a parody cock ring from Japan. Many cock rings will add some sort of material to add weight to the ring. EroiNger Rings designed them to look like Japanese super heros. The "Power" that EroiNger Rings has is the ability to attach a vibrating bullet(one included) to super charge your experience. The EroiNger Rings are also very versatile. With the vibrating bullet attached, you can use the figure head as a female nipple or clitoris massager. The ring material is super stretchy and you can use it as a bracelet or a pony tail band.(Neither is recommended by ToyDemon) The set comes with three EroiNger ring of different colors and a vibrator bullet. With EroiNger, you will never look at cock rings quite the same again.


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