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Ero Sister

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The Ero Sister masturbator from ToysHeart just arrived in time to celebrate New Years 2014 with ToyDemon.


Ero Sister is the newest item for 2014 in the “Sisters” series from ToysHeart. Called “Sisters” as they are sister products that are usually released in two interior variety with similar outer appearance. Fans of ToysHeart product will find that Ero Sister's outer appearance remind them of Elite Attendant Naho. However the similarity ends there for Ero Sister. ToysHeart upgrades a realistic interior structure with stimulating features to create the Ero Sister onahole.

The overall structure of Ero Sister is a vaginal tunnel path that leads to the end cervix and Uterine cavity. However the tunnel and cavity has been upgraded for more stimulation. The vaginal path is ribs covered with an up and down wavy pattern to create a varying stimulation. The size of the ribs decrease as the path gets tighter the further down it goes. Each rib also has varying placement of nubs to add even more stimulation during use. Once you push pass the cervix and into the Uterine cavity, a large stringer at the end greets you with further stimulation.

Made with 630g (almost 1.5 lbs) of ToysHeart's high-quality "Baby Skin" that has minimum odor and oily feel compare to other materials on the market while being very safe and soft to the touch.

The box art is beautifully illustrated by the Japanese erotic artist Yamazaki Kazuma. Being the largest sleeve in the sister series, it is quite a handful and fans of ToysHeart or Yamazaki Kazuma shouldn't miss out on Ero Sister.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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