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Elite Attendant Naho

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From ToysHeart Japan comes this large size onahole comparable to the Meiki Maria Ozawa. The Elite Attendant Naho's inside tunnel is a special "3D Infini hole" tunnel designed by ToysHeart.


The ToysHeart Elite Attendant Naho onahole is made of Baby Skin which gives it a very soft, low odor and gentle feel to the touch. This product contains 630g of this great material making it one of the biggest ToysHeart hand-held onaholes, giving you a meaty feel when you use it.

The textures on the inside of ToysHeart's Elite Attendant Naho are a set of four nub lined bump structures that changes positions as you go deeper. The large grooves between the structures also act as lotion retention channels. If you like Meikis, you can't go wrong with this ToysHeart product.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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