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Discipline: Vol. 3

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The creators of Bible Black series, the best selling S&M hentai anime series ever, are proud to give you Discipline.


Lesson 5:

What is this "Secret Party" that the Morimoto group is concocting up at the Reception Hall? A number of students whose families are in financial trouble have been blackmailed to become sex slaves to pay off their debits to the school. Madoka asks Takuro, Saori and her other dorm mates for help in stealing the incriminating "Student Registry" to end the blackmailing, but.........

Lesson 6:

While the "Secret Party" was in full swing, the computerized security system malfunctions and discovers the trio's intrusion! Mad as hell, Leina closes down all the security breaches and traps the intruders. She orders their capture using teams of armored combat vehicles, maids, helicopters and macho hunk!! To rescue her captured friends from being sexually disciplined, Saori seeks out Leina alone.... What happens then to Saori and Takuro's love interest?...find out more and get sexually worked up.

*All characters in this anime as well as any other characters and images depicted on our site are aged 18 or older WITHOUT exception.


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