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Deep Slide

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During the summer of 2014 A-One change the way you masturbate with their Long Slide. Now they're back in 2015 with a more simulating version called Deep Slide.

$ 13.95


Long Slide was A-One's new take on masturbation. Instead of stroking the entire sleeve up and down, it is designed to be held at the base and pulling on the end away then letting it relax back. 18 evenly spaced ribs throughout the tunnel stimulating as they “move” up and down during the stretching and relaxing. Deep Slide is made with deeper ribs (3mm) for more stimulation compared to the Long Slide. As Deep Slide stretches, the sleeve also hugs around your penis for a tighter experience. The design of the base is widen in order to cover your scrotum, something not done by other sleeves on the market. This helps you hold the sleeve still while covering the scrotum with your hand's warmth adds to your masturbation experience.

Made with a very stretchy material, the spacing between the ribs can stretch from 6mm to the largest 45 mm in between. Times that by the 18 ribs for a truly long sliding potential. Deep Slide with its sliding masturbation is a really unique sleeve and another great option here on ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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