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If you like your fantasy on the meatier side of things and was disappointed with the current offerings, Debusen is the masturbator sleeve for you.


Fan of Japanese Porn may say that Japan is a master of sexual fetishes. No matter the interest, Japanese Porn probably has you covered. It shouldn't be surprising that onahole masturbators would follow the same trend. If you like your fantasy on the meatier side of things, Debusen masturbator is definitely the sleeve for you.

Scale body sleeve has been popular for some time but heavier shaped design has been grossly under represented. Debusen fulfills that need as a scaled body sleeve with a BBW theme. First thing you'll notice about Debusen is of course the size of it. This maturbator is big and rightfully a handful. The body includes skin folds and appropriately proportioned breast with colored nipples.

The interior of the sleeve is a “Y” design with two entrance both leading into the same main tunnel. The vaginal tunnel has angular ribs and nubs design before merging with the perpendicular ribbed anal opening at the mid point. The back half of the merged tunnel has a mellower type texture design along its wall.

Debusen is a must for fans of the BBW genre or if you are looking for a masturbator that's quite a handful.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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