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Daisyuki Hold

Daisyuki Hold is a new hybrid realistic onahole from ToysHeart for summer 2015.

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Daisyuki Hold is a new hybrid realistic onahole from ToysHeart for summer 2015. It is considered a hybrid realistic onahole because the realistic structure has been upgraded with non-realistic features to heighten your masturbation experience.

The tunnel's design can be separated into three stimulation zones. The first zone has 4 directional stimulation gate that targets your every out stoke. Going in through this zone is easy and a hugging experience. Going out against them create a stronger stimulation. An added bonus to this design is the flaps ability to retain lotion. This means there is less need to stop and re-lube during use of Daisyuki Hold.

The second section in the middle is a wider chamber that is nub lined for pointed stimulation and rotational head massaging. Insert into this section and rotate your hand holding the sleeve to experience this design.

The last section of the tunnel is the realistic cervix/uterus portion of Daisyuki Hold. The cervix opening is small and tight to give you a tactile feedback as you push into the uterus chamber. The uterus chamber of Daisyuki Hold work as a vacuum chamber to maximize suction sensation. Simply squeeze the air out as you enter the sleeve to take advantage of the maximized suction.

Daisyuki Hold is a core dual layer material design. Core dual layer is a dual layer construction where the inner layer is in a cylindrical form rather than a thin-set design. This core dual layer design makes the inside tighter and more durable than a thin set design. The outer appearance of Daisyuki Hold is realistic with a vaginal entrance design and a small entrance hold for a tight insertion.

The cover of the product features illustration by the Japanese erotic manga artist Saida Kazuaki. Made in Japan of high quality material, fans of ToysHeart or Saida Kazuaki should definitely try Daisyuki Hold for your masturbation pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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