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D-HOLE Rui Tsukimoto

D-HOLE masturbators has landed at ToyDemon for spring 2014 with two new models. D-HOLE masturbators incorporate some of the newest innovations in the industry and these two D-HOLE masturbators are no different. This is the Rui Tsukimoto D-HOLE masturbator.
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The Rui Tsukimoto version D-HOLE is specially designed onahole with a new dual layer design which is different from D-HOLE's previous thin-set dual layer construction. The outside of the sleeve is the same soft material as previous D-HOLE while the inside layer is now much thicker in thickness. Unlike other thick dual layer product, the inside layer of this D-HOLE is made with a foam like construction. Tiny bubbles are incorporated into the inner layer's material. This new innovation made popular by ToysHeart increases the durability of the inner material while making it feel softer. A change at the end of the tunnel allows a pass-through of the inner layer material. The end of the tunnel is one of the common area where the dual layer starts to separate with repeated use and bottoming out. This new construction design further increases the durability of the dual layer design.

D-HOLE Rui Tsukimoto's tunnel is designed to give targeted stimulation with its internal textures. Bumps covered with tiny nubs at the beginning changes halfway to tighter fitting rib covered ones for stimulation.

The outside of D-Hole Rui Tsukimoto is simple cylindrical shape with a realistic looking vaginal opening. Made with a soft stretchy material and inspired by the Japanese AV actress Rui Tsukimoto, ToyDemon is excited to carry Dogma's D-HOLE series to everyone in America.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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