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D-HOLE Chigusa Hara

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Just in time for summer 2014 is the D-Hole's new economy masturbator inspired by Chigusa Hara. For this D-Hole Chigusa Hara masturbator, they are also including a random DVD (mosaic censored and not of Chigusa Hara) for your ultimate masturbation experience at a great price.


The Chigusa Hara D-Hole is design with five zone of stimulation for your pleasure. The first zone has a set of six small ribs for a mellow start and to help retain lotion. Keeping the lotion in as much as possible will help with the drying rate and less stopping to re-lotion. The second zone are large twisting groove that improves the stimulation from the last zone. The middle zone is where the stimulation is kicked up a notch. Numerous nubs lines the top of the tunnel that narrows to target every in-stoke. From there the path narrows for increased tightness as it enters the last zone. A nub covered vacuum chamber at the end has two function. Simply squeeze the air out as you enter the sleeve to maximize the suction of the hole . When you have entered the end, you can move the end around as a head massage with all the nubs in the chamber.

The front of D-Hole Chigusa Hara is realistic and inspired by the hot Japanese AV actress Chigusa Hara. Made with a soft stretchy material and includes a random DVD(mosaic censored and not of Chigusa Hara) for your erotic viewing pleasure, D-Hole Chigusa Hara will give you a complete package at a great price.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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