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D-HOLE Aoi Aoyama

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Just in time for fall 2015 is D-Hole's new model with the seductive Aoi Aoyama for your ultimate masturbation experience.


D-Hole is back on ToyDemon for fall 2015 with their new D-Hole Aoi Aoyama for your ultimate masturbation experience.

The D-Hole Aoi Aoyama is design for those who love rib centric masturbation sleeves with four sections of different ribbing texture for your masturbation pleasure. The entrance of D-Hole Aoi Aoyama is a small hole entrance for a tight experience right from the start. The small hole design also allows for better lotion retention during use.

The first section is a spiraling large ribs that tightens right away into the next section. The second section is a flat hole lined with micro ribbing. This design allows your to experience slight difference in simulation by rotating the sleeve during use. The third section is a wider chamber of rotating round ribs for increased stimulation. The last section of the tunnel is a wave path lined with raised ribs for stimulation. As the tunnel ends it widens to act as a vacuum chamber for the sleeve. Simply squeeze the air out as you enter to maximize suction.

The outer shape of D-Hole Aoi Aoyama is cylindrical to make it easier to turn and rotate the sleeve during use to maximize your pleasure of its unique interior design. Made with a soft stretchy material, D-Hole Aoi Aoyama is a must for lovers of rib centric masturbators.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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