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It seems that artist collaboration is the latest trend in Japan for the latter half of 2013. The artist “Mama” was tapped by eXe for their new tight masturbator Coron.


Coron is the new onahole from eXe for Fall 2013 with a very distinctive look. The other appearance looks like a set of large tubes that are almost triangular in shape. This distinctive design actually serves many purposes. The rounded entrance make insertion much easier compared with other sleeves with a tiny entrance. The grooves in-between helps with the grip of the item during use. The almost triangular form of the tube is so that the “corner” naturally fit into your hand’s grip with the thumb around the rounded part. This keeps the hole from turning during use.

For the interior design, the overall concept is designed to be tight and meaty. The overall path curve a slight amount. The walls of the tunnel is lined with a lots of random looking slight bumps and grooves making the overall experience more mellow. The thick walls of the Coron gives a meaty feel when held. Illustrated by the Japanese erotic comic artist “Mama”, Coron is a great option for your collection.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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