We are always checking and listening for criticism and requests and while not everything can be changed, we are doing what we can to evaluate the requests and change for the better if everyone can benefit from it.

So here are the recent changes:

1 - You can now edit topic/comments after you submit them.
1a- On community page, the search bar is now to the left. So mobile users are able to see the search bar, instead of all the way at the bottom.
2 - It's been there a while now, but we have changed Account and Community with icon on top right so that it's easier for everyone to understand what it is and can access them on every page.
3 - We revamped our sticky menu header so that you can have access to account, community, and search at all times.

These are all smallish but we feel are good QOL changes for the better.

Let us know what you think!