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  1. So Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tits have been discontinued.. why?

    Does anyone know how this could happen? They've been selling like hotcakes and have been sold out everywhere in Japan and all websites including this one. They've quickly become THE best breast toy for

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  1. Meiki® Toy Bag Plus

    This bag is much bigger than I thought it would be. It's almost like a knapsack. You can fit any onahole toy in there no matter how big. You'll still have room for smaller items. Love how they updated it with no logo so it's more discreet.

    Roomy and discreet


  2. La Bocca Della Verita Perorin (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    It is tighter than the original. The teeth are less of a problem but I always liked the teeth. However, for some reason the texture inside feels less stimulating than the original. It's still pretty good.

    Tighter than original.

    Original has better texture

  3. Meiki no Syoumei 06 Yen Jyu Yi

    This is a lesser version of a Maria Ozawa, which is a lesser version of ZXY. It's not bad, but okay.

    Decent and still better than a fleshlight

    Compared to other onaholes it falls short

  4. Julia +

    This is my favorite looking onahole for 2 obvious reasons. I wish they designed more like this. Although it looks good, it is a bit floppy and not stiff enough. The sensation is also pretty decent, notthing more or less, just decent.

    Looks good, feels okay

    It bends around and doesn't hold upright

  5. Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa

    This was my first toy ever, I've now tried others so I can finally come back to this and give it an accurate review. It's pretty good. Not as great as ZXY but it is second best meiki toy. If I never came across ZXY this would be the best. But ZXY beats it convincingly.

    Feels good if you can't get ZXY

    Should be slightly cheaper

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