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Clone - Rio Ogawa

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The Clone Rio Ogawa masturbator is a new sleeve series from eXe for the end of 2013.


Clone Rio Ogawa has a very clean and ergonomic outer design. The figure 8 curve design allows you to easily hold and apply pressure to the onahole. The entrance is concaved in for fast and easy insertion.

Despite this simple design on the outside, the inner tunnel of Clone Rio Ogawa is packed full of stimulating textures. Passed the concaved easy insertion entrance is a set of two tight ribs designed for lotion retention during your stroking and forming a seal to increase suction. From there a chamber of tiny nubs starts the series of stimulation for the onahole. A large cavern of bumps and grooves in the middle gives you a pointed and wet stimulation. The back half of the tunnel is lined with tiny ribs, nubs, and ribs again for a tight stimulating experience. At the very end of the tunnel, you will find the tapered shapes vacuum chamber to maximize the suction during use. Simply squeeze the air out of the sleeve as you enters to experience suction feeling.

Featuring the lovely Rio Ogawa on the box, Clone Rio Ogawa is a great addition to eXe’s lineup.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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