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Chu! Wet 1

It's been a couple years since G Project released their most advance head massager called Chu!. They're back in 2015 with a innovative upgrade for Chu! called Chu! Wet. This is version 1.

$ 5.95


Back in 2013, G Project released the most advance head massager called Chu!. Now they're back in 2015 with a innovative upgrade to the Chu! called Chu! Wet. This is Chu! 1 Wet.

Head massaging sleeve are now very popular with many options available. Almost all are rounded shape with different texture for stimulation. Chu! from G Project has come with their own take on the head massagers. The Chu! series has a particular bowling pin like outer shape different from others. This small area sticking out acts as a mini vacuum chamber that adds suction feeling to the head massagers. Even though vacuum chamber exist in many onaholes, this is a first for small head massagers. The vacuum chamber is also textured lined to allow you to push into this tight area for stimulation. The entrance is tight for lotion retention during use and for forming a seal to increase suction.

The internal textures of Chu! 1 Wet is the same as the original Chu! 1. Chu! Wet Type 1 is the nub version with rounded nub inside for circular motion head massaging. The difference between this and the original is an innovative upgrade for Chu! Wet inside the sleeve. An “AP Wet” coating has been placed on the inside that get rid of the need to use lotion with Chu! Wet. Simply add water and working it around inside to active the coating for a new sensation from the water.

Made in Japan of high quality material, Chu! Wet 1 is a great addition to the head massaging sleeve available.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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