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Chitsu-Niku Puni Puni

Magic Eyes is back with a new series of triple layer masturbation sleeves called Chitsu-niku. This is the Puni Puni version.

$ 15.95


Magic Eye's unique lineup has made them a favorite for many masturbator fans on ToyDemon since we introduced them to America. This time they are back with a new series of triple layer masturbation sleeves called Chitsu-niku. The Japanese name Chitsu-niku which translate to something to the effect of “Flesh of Vagina”. This is the Puni Puni or the “Soft” version of the Chitsu-niku.

The tunnel of Chitsu-niku Puni Puni is straight with a with flesh-like textures along the wall. For the Puni Puni version, the textures are smaller with tons of small grooves, nubs, and textures to create an unique experience.

As mentioned previously the construction of Chitsu-niku Puni Puni is a triple-layer construction. Building of the concept of double layer design, a triple-layer design is where each three different layer of material each with their advantages combine to create an unique experience not possible with a single-layer contruction.

The outer layer is made from a soft material material to create a soft tactile feeling when holding the sleeve. The middle layer gives more form and create a bit of tightness around the sleeve. The inner layer material is stickier to increase the stimulation of the sleeve.

The tunnel of Chitsu-niku Puni Puni is a through hole design. Though hole allows for incredibly easy clean up after use compared to closed hole. Simply run water continuously through the hole until clean. The outer appearance looks exactly like something you'll expect from Magic Eyes. The entrance of the tunnel is a vaginal base entrance but the rest of the sleeve has various strange and crazy looking lines, grooves and textures. Chitsu-niku Puni Puni is another unique design from Magic Eyes for your masturbating pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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