Video Review: Meiki no Syoumei 10 Okita Anri Review
April 10th of this year will mark my 6th year anniversary of doing sex toy reviews. Since that time I have reviewed well over 400 sex toys.  Out of all those toys I have reviewed my favorites list is surprisingly small. The few I love have been on my tops list for a long time and I really wish something would come along and give them a run for their money.   The one thing my tops list has in common is the company that produced these diamonds in the rough and that is N.P.G. This company is known for manufacturing high end realistic masturbators based off of Japanese AV actresses. Famous for pumping out such greats as the infamous Maria Ozawa and the Z.X.Y. So when word arrived that the 10th edition of N.P.G.’s Meiki No Syoumei had arrived at ToyDemon my excitement boiled over. However over the course of these past six years I have learned one thing that rings truer than anything else I have learned so far. Sometimes the pre-excitement is more enjoyable then the actual toy.
Sensation & Feeling: 3.4/5
N.P.G has a knack for stepping up and trying to provide the most realistic feeling a man can get while using a masturbator. This is of course is why the Maria Ozawa and the Z.X.Y. have favored so incredibly well at ToyDemon and have withstood the test of time. They are still on the best sellers list and boast very high user ratings. So it baffles me that N.P.G. seems to be stepping backwards after each newest addition to their Syoumei line-up. I have seen it first hand with their previous ninth release of the Rola Misaki.  So I was really hoping the same mistakes wouldn’t be made here with Okita Anri. Unfortunately this is the case. The outer appearance of this toy seems to take a lot of artistic direction from maybe a Magic Eyes product. There is a confusing mix of realism and fantasy here that clashes everywhere the eye falls. I simply do not get it. Moving inwards you are greeted with a lack luster vaginal tunnel that has no exestuation anywhere. There is no overly pronounced g-spot. No real choke points to speak of. No dramatic drops where the weight and flesh of the toy push against you adding to the realism. There is nothing here but a pretty straight shot to boredom.  Also there is a three layer design at play here. Unlike a dual layer where there is a soft outer layer and a harder material on the inside, this one adds a harder 3rd core to the vaginal tunnel to help tighten and strengthen the sensation. Well guess what, I didn’t feel that. Not sure how anyone could really.  There is also an anal entrance but the tunnel length is just shy of 3 inches and it is remarkably close to the back wall and frankly makes me nervous to penetrate. Simply sliding my finger in made me believe I would burst through the outer material and destroy it. So needless to say I didn’t even bother. All in all the entire vaginal tunnel is just a typical ride through the country with nothing new or exciting to look at. Then suddenly a homeless man bum rushes the car and starts juggling squirrels and spitting fire balls out his ass. None of it really makes sense at all.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.0/5
There is a light side to this though. Given the act that there isn’t a lot of knocks and crannies to dig around in, cleaning is rather simple. It’s a straight shot. So all you have to do is stick a rag or a foam bottle brush down in to clean up whatever and follow the necessary steps and whamo, you are done. Now, if you use the anal entrance, good luck to you. I can see the anal entrance or even the tunnel itself being ripped rather easily, so use common sense and extreme caution. Bottom line is really why would any on even be bothered. Just leave the anal tunnel alone. Like a good Christian should.
Price & Performance: 3.0/5
This I fear will always be the case when it comes to grading a toy of this nature.  When you throw a masturbator of this nature into with such great champions you better bring your A game. You cannot expect to price your toy in the same range as all the rest and expect to survive. Especially if you are not really offering anything new or exciting to compete with the Titans you have created. So with all that said, listen to me and the hundreds of user reviews on ToyDemon and stick to the early classics like the Maria Ozawa and the Z.X.Y.  
Final Thoughts & Score: 3.5/5
My hopes are that one day N.P.G. sit down and have a pow wow. During this meeting of minds they come to realize the old saying “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” and they start to look back on what worked. What made them great in the first place. What made them master craftsman’s in mine and countless others eyes.  I hope they go back to pushing the envelope of realism. I hope they find their way again and decide to give their public what they want and that is a Maria Ozawa and Z.X.Y. hybrid. Please for the love of god create a Hercules to kill your Zeus.  Until that time I guess we keep raving about the good old days and the classics. Like old sex toy reviewers do.