By ToyDemon Staff
November 01, 2019

November is here which means a new month of perks for our members. This month Silver and higher members get two different perks for this special month because as we all know, Black Friday / Cyber Monday is coming!!!

The first perk for November is that all the Reward Pts are doubled this entire month for Silver to Demon members. This means that you are getting some serious percentage back on your purchases along with your everyday member's discount. For Demon member's that 5% off the sale prices and then getting 16% back!

The second and even more exciting perk is getting early access to our Black Friday Sale 2019! Demon members gets early access to our Black Friday sale 1 week early so that they can take their time and pick whatever it is that they need without needing to fight with the everyone else. Platinum, Gold, and Silver members will have access unlock in the subsequent days listed below leading to the public Black Friday Sale.

Having early access is crucial with door busting deals in limited quantities. If you are on the edge of your tier or if you are Bronze currently, you might want to get to that next level before Black Friday starts on 11/29! Happy Holidays!!!!

Lvl:To DoSavePtsPerk
Bronze Register 0% 3 Pts/$ First order gets free contiguous US shipping without a minimum.
Silver Complete 1 Order 2% 4 Pts/$ Early Access to ToyDemon Black Friday Sale 1 day early on 11/28.
Double Reward Pts @ 8 Pt/$ through 11/30/2019.
Gold $500.00 Spent 3% 5 Pts/$ Early Access to ToyDemon Black Friday Sale 3 days early on 11/26.
Double Reward Pts @ 10 Pt/$ through 11/30/2019.
Platinum $2,000.00 Spent 4% 6 Pts/$ Early Access to ToyDemon Black Friday Sale 5 days early on 11/24.
Double Reward Pts @ 12 Pt/$ through 11/30/2019.
Demon $5,000.00 Spent 5% 8 Pts/$ Early Access to ToyDemon Black Friday Sale 7 days early on 11/22.
Double Reward Pts @ 16 Pt/$ through 11/30/2019.