1. Video Review: Infinity Classic Set

    Video Review: Infinity Classic Set
    There is no question about it now. Toydemon is the number one site to get all of your sex toy needs here in the United States if not the world. However, that is not enough for the fellas down at ToyDemon. They have had their sites on much bigger things as of late. With the release of the Meiki Plush Hip and the Meiki Real it has become increasingly apparent that ToyDemon wants a piece of that toy manufacturing pie. But what is one to do that has not already been done before. Well, I’ll tell ya. You make a toy that is fully customizable to the user. A toy that can change at a flick of the wrist. A toy to end all toys.  That toy of course is the Infinity.
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  2. Video Review: Nama Sotai 01

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 01
    We are fast approaching the end of 2017 and here I sit looking back at all the toys that have come across my desk over the year. Some utterly terrible beyond human comprehension and some just plain ‘meh’. Needless to say my loyal reader, this year has been pretty pathetic when it comes to new releases. With that being said imagine my surprise when the Nama Sotai series showed up at my house. On the outside you get an almost Walgreens pharmacy box. Very deceiving for what lies beneath the surface. For what lies inside is probably the best vaginal masturbator I have tried this year. Period.
    Now there are a few things I should have mentioned in the video review that I simply left out. With
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    It is no secret by now that the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA is the very best male masturbator of all time. Period. Don’t bother to look for something else because nothing comes close to entering the stratosphere of planet Vorze. I love this thing and I use it every time I feel the need. It’s easy to set up, use and clean and the feeling is extraordinary.  What makes the Vorze SA something for the ages is the fact that the toy isn’t locked to one specific sleeve. Vorze has created eight separate but equally fantastic inner sleeves and each one delivers up its own unique sensations.  So with this being said I felt the need to continue to blow my trumpet for Vorze and let you all know that if you own the Vorze SA it is time to buy every sleeve they have and encourage them to make more!  If you don’t own a Vorze yet I feel sorry for you.
    Sensation & Felling
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  4. Video Review: Magic Eye's Monster Wet Chimera

    Video Review: Magic Eye's Monster Wet Chimera

    It is becoming increasingly easier to suggest Magic Eye masturbators to people as the years roll by. They are leading the market in masturbators when it comes to innovation, design and feel. They never cease to amaze me and there are plenty of masturbators I long and lust to review for you guys that ToyDemon doesn’t carry just yet. With that said it’s easy to assume I have an infatuation with Magic Eye toys and the Monster Wet Chimera mastu

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  5. Video Review: Magic Eye's Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator

    Video Review: Magic Eye's Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator

    Normally when I sit down at my laptop to write my review on my latest sex toy I am troubled at finding clever ways to not sound redundant. I feel like I say enough during the video that I don’t need to go on a thousand word rant spewing the same information at you. However, this time that is not the case at all. Thanks to the fantastic people at YouTube I have been slapped with a Copy Right infringement thingy. Or whatever the hell these ass clowns call it. So all of my videos now need to be below 15 minutes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to a toy such as the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo you really need to discuss the ins and outs at great length. Or at least enough to show just how fantastic this toy can be at times. I don’t see any YouTube Nazi

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  6. ToyDemon Black Friday / Cyber Monday Starts Now

    ToyDemon Black Friday / Cyber Monday Starts Now

    We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is nothing like a great meal and getting stuffed to begin the holiday season. But we all know it's Black Friday and Cyber Monday we've been waiting for. If you've been with us for over a year, you'll know ToyDemon's Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is the craziest sale of the year and it starts NOW. Quantity is limited so don't wait!

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  7. Halloween 2014 Sale: No Tricks, All Treat and Launch of ToyDemon's Meiki® Real Masturbator!

    Halloween 2014 Sale: No Tricks, All Treat and Launch of ToyDemon's Meiki® Real Masturbator!

    Happy Halloween from everyone at ToyDemon! We hope that everyone will have a scary, fun, yet safe Halloween. To help with having a fun Halloween, ToyDemon is having a No Tricks All Treat Halloween Sale: Save $15 off $100 with code: hallo2014 Save $40 off $200 with code: ween2014 Sale ends on Nov 5th, 2014 at 11:59 Central Time. Exclude GCs and previous orders. We also have another exciting news to announce!!! After years

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  8. Video Review: Long Slide Masturbator

    Video Review: Long Slide Masturbator

    It’s not altogether rare to stumble across a masturbator that makes me scratch my head in awe. Masturbator manufacturers have been pumping out the strange and unusual for well over a decade now. There isn’t a whole lot that shocks me, especially after seeing the “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Tight” onahole. Jesus! Well wouldn’t you know it, the same company that made that lil’ gem is also the masterminds behind the Long Slide masturbator. It is a totally new way to masturbate. Will it change the way men masturbate forever? Probably not. Will it replace all your other toys? Uhhh…no. Is it the strangest toy I have ever reviewed? You bet.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.0/5
    What makes the Long Slide special aren’t the 18 evenly spaced ribs inside the toy. It isn’t the TPE material the
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  9. Video Review: Tong-Ggo Anal Masturbator

    Video Review: Tong-Ggo Anal Masturbator

    This review could be over quickly. I could easily just tell you to stop reading this and buy the Tong-Ggo right now. There is no point in going into deeper detail. So...go buy it. Why? Because this is by far the best anal masturbator EVER! Welp, 'nough said. See ya next time.

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.7/5
    the Tong-Ggo already has a strong presence on ToyDemon since its release. Sold out quickly and has a ton of p
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  10. ToyDemon 2014 Labor Day Sale

    ToyDemon 2014 Labor Day Sale

    Labor Day weekend is here and we hope everyone in the USA will be enjoying their weekend. To provide more enjoyment to you, ToyDemon is having a Labor Day sale for everyone. From now until September 2nd, 2014, use the following codes to save site wide: $5 off $75 with code: 5-off-labor $10 off $100 with code: 10-off-labor $30 off $200 with code: 30-off-labor Shop at ToyDemon during Labor Day weekend with the Labor Day Sale, then you can enjoy yourself even more when the toys arrive! We are not done yet!!! We kicked off ToysHeart BUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFF promotion for the month of August and it was well received so for this month,

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