1. More Interesting Porn Stat From 2015

    More Interesting Porn Stat From 2015

    Earlier this week we pointed to some interest stat from OkCupid from 2015, but no one has more stats than Pornhub. They've got a ton of stats and neatly put it all together with graphs, maps, and charts for your enjoyment. There are lots of interesting stats including the search term "lesbian" has become number one during 2015, unseating the previous "teen" that's been the top search term for many years. There's even stats on how sporting events affected porn surfing. (traffic went down 25% during the Super Bowl) or how about there are people who watch porn on their Nintendo 3DS? Check out their page for the massive collection of data and see how your preference stacks up. info via

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  2. Teen Gets Revenge On Bullies With Semen-Filled Cupcakes

    Teen Gets Revenge On Bullies With Semen-Filled Cupcakes

    It's tough to be a kid now a days. Bullying has gone cyber and is no longer happening just at school. Every once in awhile you'll hear someone taking revenge on the bullies in an unusual and/or extreme way. A female teen in California got her revenge by having them eat cupcakes supposedly laced with expired food, pills, public hair, and semen. When the other kids asked why the cupcakes tasted so badly, she told them that she placed bodily fluids in them. Now the school officials, local police, and health department are all looking into this but the teen has not been arrested yet. more info here We wonder why no one has asked the obvious question here: the teen being a female, where did all that semen come from and would the semen provider get in trouble? In the end this could all be just a really bad joke and the only thing she's guilty of

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